L’ Emeraude, the little gem from Lambert Oyster, is a creation born of the passion of a family which has been in the business for 3 generations.

Indeed the refining in the Claire is the most important stage for l’Emeraude. Ponds which were formerly used for the production of salt, the Claire provides an environment rich in minerals and nutrients needed for phytoplankton, the food source of the oyster. A microscopic algae called Naviculus produces a natural blue pigment which gives this beautiful emerald green colour.

Our 50 hectares of Claires multiplies our chances of obtaining this colour and taste which are very much appreciated.

This little gem of the sea, with the delicious white flesh and emerald green gills, is irrefutable proof of a special oyster which has been refined for a long time in the Claire and produced with the greatest care.


Oysters chosen from our parks to become L’Emeraude, are strictly selected for their fleshiness and regular shape. They are refined for a minimum of 40 days in order to develop an incomparable local flavor.

huître Emeraude | Lambert producteur de Marennes Oleron l'huître émeraude | Lambert producteur de Marennes Oleron