Red Label "pousse en claire"

The second seafood product to be given the Red Label by the French Ministry of Agriculture in 1989. It is unique to Marennes-Oléron and is the oyster farmer’s pride and joy, the top of the range.

What makes this oyster exceptional is its high proportion of flesh and its crisp firmness. Its shape is homogenous, its “coat” ivory and its gills either green or white. It has a very long taste of the “terroir” in the mouth. Its predominant sweetness and marsh aroma make it a classic example of the Marennes-Oléron range. It’s the oyster for a special occasion!

huitres marennes oléron label rouge huître fine de claire | Lambert producteur de Marennes Oleron


It is raised in maturation ponds for 4 to 8 months
in a low density of just 2 to 5 per square metre. They are sold in special packaging between October and May.

huître pousse en claire label rouge | Lambert producteur de Marennes Oleron